Vet Respect salutes Irreverant Warriors

SemperToons October Vet Respect goes to Irreverent Warriors, fast becoming the most effective Veteran community in the United States. We are proud to be associated with such a fantastic organization.

The MISSION of Irreverent Warriors is to bring veterans together using humor and camaraderie to improve mental health and prevent veteran suicide

The VISION of Irreverent Warriors is to be the force that unites the Veteran community and drives a healthy culture within its members.

Irreverent Warrior's main event is the Silkies Hike held across the country throughout the year. (see Event schedule) The Silkies hike itself is the prevention. The hikers are 100% veterans and hike 22K representing the 22 military suicides a day. And along the way they stop and do 22 push-ups.

According to Nate McDonald, VP and Chief Operating Officer, "hiking in combat boots and carrying a ruck have been an important part of military culture and training since the beginning of time. Combat and non-combat veterans, alike, enjoy the camaraderie created during shared misery. The laughter and the sense of purpose remind us that the brotherhood and camaraderie that we once had in the military will never die and we’ll always be there for each other. The END RESULT is fewer veterans who kill themselves."

A bit of military trivia: Silkies are an old military tradition that has been eliminated by the military and one that we have chosen to revive because of the nostalgia and the laughter that they create.

Nate explains, "When we created this organization, we created something special, giving our military and veterans the opportunity to come together, using humor and camaraderie to support each other."

Irreverent Warriors knows that the best support network for veterans is other veterans. We bring a community of warriors together through therapeutic events across the country like our main event, the Silkies Hike, in addition to happy hours, holiday parties, camping trips, etc… We also partner with veteran organizations that provide services such as job placement, training, housing, service dogs, and more.

The mental and spiritual support between veterans, combined with the introduction of a network of individual, family, and community connectedness gives veterans the help and hope they need to put the gun back on safe, put it back on the nightstand, and stick around a bit longer.

The connections and bonds made at our events allow veterans to create their own support network solving the most crucial issue contributing to veteran suicide; isolation.

Eliminate isolation, and we’ll eliminate suicide.

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